Riser for handlebar Mod.1

Material:  Anticorodal 6082T6

Screws spacing:   32

Colors:             Aluminium, Gold, Black

Handlebar:     Standard 22

Applications:  Triple clamps Mod.1

                        Screws included


Material:  Anticorodal 6082T6

Screws spacing:  38

Colors: Aluminium, Gold, Black

Handlebar:      Standard 22, Conical 29

Applications:    Triple clamps Mod.1S

                          Screws included


Spacers for riser

Materiale: Anticorodal 6082T6

Screws spacing: 32(x Mod.1), 38(x Mod.2)

Height:   10mm, 20mm

Colors:   Aluminium, Black

Applications: Beneath riser for

                       handlebar raising,

                        increased screws  




Steering stem ferrules

Upper Nut

Material:  ERGAL 7075

Threading:  M30x1

Colors:             Aluminium

Applications:  On IMA stems, for

                        bearings tightening

Sizes: 6mm


Ball bearing

Materiale:           ERGAL 7075

Threading            M28x1

Thickness:           13mm

Colors:                 Aluminium




Measures:       30x55x17


Applications:   Steering headice:


Tapered roller bearing

Measures:       30x55x17


Applications:   Steering head

Sizes: diameter 30

          diameter 35

Dust seal

Fork Damper Bracket

Measures:           30, 35

Applications:       Steering head


Material:        ERGAL 7075

Threading:    M8

Colors:           Aluminium




Background:     white

Dimensions:     cm 14x8

Colors:               Tricolor


Hat with logo IMA

Background:    Absent

Dimensions:    cm 14x7,5

Colors:              Blue,




Colors:       Red with logo Bleu,

                  Black with logo Silver


Polo Bicolor

Material:  100% Cotton

Colors:     Blue Navy with red

                 stripes and  logo  Silver


Polo Bicolor

Original  Victorinox

Material:  100% Cotton

Colors:     White with red stripes

                 and logo Blue


Type:   Original  Victorinox pen knife with engraved IMA logo

Color:  Red


Riser for handlebar Mod.2

ON/OFF Led Switch - News 2014 

Switch 12V/16A, has two positions, green illuminated LED, completed with rain hood, supplied in kit with relay support, minibox ERGAL and stainless steel screws.

The relay and the minibox have an attractive design and a handy application allows to fix the switch to the upper clamp, or some other strategic point of the bike.

The parts are entirely in ERGAL with CNC machinery and then anodized with the same colors of our products.

Material : ERGAL 7075

Colours : Aluminium, Black, Titanium

Applications : Upper clamps Mod.4, Mod.6, Mod.7