Company set up in 1974, specialised in mechanical precision workings on aluminium alloy details cast in sand, die-cast, pressed and obtained from the solid.


A very flexible company that is interested in small and average productions and uses equipment designed and built internally.


Most of the manufactured parts are used in the automotive sector and are managed as agreed with the customers (account for manufacture/overall supply, testing methods, cleaning, packaging, transport, etc....), making use of the collaboration of the best foundries in this field.




           ...A GIANT LEAP FOR A BIKE!

In close collaboration with technical experts of racing teams, we produce components for racing bikes using the track-grade aluminum alloys (ERGAL) and CNC machines.

We handle internally all stages of the process: design, production, marketing.

All components are machined from solid block, then treated to prevent oxidation (anodization).

Strong and light together in special parts with suggestive appearance, designed to improve the performance of your bike, and give you an interesting opportunity to upgrade the chassis.

By CNC machining we realize upper triple clamps, lower triple clamps, steering stem, handlebar supports, collars for steering damper connection and bush for offset adjustment. We also provide on request to supply the lower bearing and the dust seal.

In particular, the triple clamps are able to make a considerable increase in steering precision in the trajectories of entry and exit of the curve, through the greater compactness of the material and structure more resistant.

In the case of Kit Model 4 Racing, the unique shape of the top triple gives an effective progress in chattering reduction, in addition to the offset adjustment.

All triples are designed to support also different diameters range from standard ones and allows to accommodate racing forks (Ohlins, WP, Marzocchi, etc ...).  Handlebar supports are not integrated on the top triples, but instead apply separately allowing to install clip-ons.

Similarly, handlebar supports are available for stock handlebar or for conical handlebar.


In this context, our front-ends goes beyond the concept of replacement of standard parts cause offer new opportunities for customization of your bike (tuning).

A range of products, therefore, addressed to track lovers that requires a racing preparation, but also to the naked motorcycle enthusiasts who want to customize the bike taking care of the aesthetics.




Racing-derived product, the company disclaims any responsibility 'on the possible use different from racing on circuit.

Racing-derived product, the company disclaims any responsibility 'on the possible use different from racing on circuit.

Beware of imitations! For any purchasing please contact us or our authorized dealers