The IMA srl has managed over the years to be embedded among the companies of reference in the creation of high-performance components for motorcycles. CNC machines, quality materials and advanced technology, combined with a decade of experience of all staff, make every product manufactured by IMA security in terms of quality, originality and performance. In addition, you are able to ship our products all over the world, using the most rapid and reliable international freight forwarders.

Our product range is divided into three main categories: triple clamps, adjustable clip-ons and accessories.

Click to view the video of the tests carried out in collaboration with the pilot Antonio Telesca and Team FP Evolution.

Sets of anodized triple clamps for modern superbikes, CNC-machined from billet of 7075 ERGAL aluminium. Custom laser marking on demand

Sets of anodized fixed or adjustable clip-ons from billet, in low and raised version. Custom laser marking on demand

IMA also offers a full range of accessories and gadgets like caps and stickers, to deliver a unique motoring.

Racing-derived product, the company disclaims any responsibility 'on the possible use different from racing on circuit.


A new smart equipment realized to have the rear brake controlled by thumb lever, applicable to the  bar tube or to the fork, provided with several adjusting solutions  to maximize the use of layout and optimize the braking feeling

Beware of imitations! For any purchasing please contact us or our authorized dealers 


Fully adjustable Reasets made from billet in Ergal 7075 anodized. Many possibility of adjustments, innovative design and all drives with bearings. Carefully crafted, simple assembly.